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How does Croissant work?
How does Croissant work?
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Croissant is the app that gives you instant access to the best workspaces in your city. You can see all the spaces on our Locations page.

Find a coworking space you'd like to work from: When you become a member, you get access to all coworking spaces in the Croissant network. We have real-time availability so you can see how many seats are open at each space.
โ€‹Check in with the app when you arrive: No reservations necessary, just show up whenever there's a seat available. Once you check in, we'll let the community manager know you're here with Croissant. Take a seat anywhere in the open coworking area.

Connect to wifi, grab some coffee, and explore the amenities: Some spaces have libraries, and others have a rooftop deck. You can see what amenities are available at each space's profile via the app.

When you're ready to leave, check out. The number of hours that you were at the space will be deducted from your monthly allotment of hours (which varies depending on which membership tier you are on).ย 

  • For the Explorer plan, 10 regular hours per month

  • For the Creator plan, 40 regular hours per month & 5 free guest hours

  • For the Luminary plan, 120 regular hours per month & 20 free guest hours

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